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Destination Moon

We're an award-winning Chicago-based studio of creative, detail-oriented problem solvers. We take on all matter of professional branding + design issues and provide solutions that are insightful, modern, and unique in order to successfully communicate to your customers and accelerate your business growth. Superpowered by strong coffee and awesome melodies, we are a brand strategy + design agency that brings a personal touch to every project. 

We don't have sales people or customer service representatives. We’re a couple of creatives, brand experts, and problem solvers that love what we do. We pride ourselves on always being reliable, knowledgable, and authentic so that you always know we got your back.

Meet Your Designers

Alexander Perham

Partner, Art Director @alexperham

For Alex, his design obsession started at the early age of 13 and lead him to attend The International Academy of Design and Technology and pursue a degree in Multimedia Design. It’s this long time passion that he brings to every project that he works on. His tireless work ethic and attention to detail are an asset to building great designs and even greater brands. Alex is a fan of comically large sandwiches. His drink of choice is a Roy Rogers (a Coca-Cola served with grenadine and a maraschino cherry).

Jennifer Noelle

Partner, Executive Creative Director @freakflag

Jen, with 10+ years of experience and a degree in Interactive Media Design from The Art Institute of Cincinnati, is very dedicated to the crafts of design and branding. She finds joy in the simplicity and elegance of design. Jen takes a well thought-out approach to her projects and places importance on the overall user experience. Jen believes in benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Her favorite drink is a tie between Dr. Pepper and a nice hard cider.

Why Destination Moon?

Your Project's Life Cycle

We know that hiring a designer seems like a big, scary, expensive leap but we don't want you to be afraid. Below we've outlined what you’ll get from us from start to finish. This way, you know everything we're gonna do for you and there’s no veil of mystery (sounds spooky, right?). Of course, every project is different in its own special-little-snowflake kind of way but at its most basic, these are all the ways we take the time to focus on you.

Initial Getting to Know You

When you first get in contact with us, admittedly, we're a little curious. We want to know a little about you, where you're coming from, and what you're looking for. We try not to bog you down with a bunch of questions and exercises (because that comes later). We keep it light and airy... sorta like a creme puff.

Initial Estimate

We'll create an estimate based on what we understand the project to be and what it will take to get it done. If you have any unanswered questions, we’ll make sure to answer them.

Brand Consultation

This is what we like to call "The Discovery Process." Though it may seem similar to the first step, this is the part where we really get into the thick of it. We sit down with you, go over your brand, your customers, and where you'd like to be and truly diagnose your brand's pain points and what solutions that can be done to relieve those pains.


Here we'll take into account everything we've uncovered during the discovery process and reevaluate what would be the best course of action to provide solutions to your problems. Note: This isn't upselling or anything of the nature. We just want to use our expertise to find the right solution.

Proposal and Signings

Once we've reevaluated the project, we can give you an accurate proposal for everything we'll accomplish and what it will cost. When we come to an agreement on the scope of the work and the price, then we'll put it in writing and get this show on the road.

Investigation & Analysis

During this point, we’ll send you a creative brief for you to approve that outlines all agreed-upon project details. Then we'll put our brain power toward researching the best way to develop our design for best results by examining the market leaders, creating user experience profiles, and all kinds of other fun.

Concept Development

Based on the approved creative brief, we will present a distinct concept, showing the general “look and feel” of the proposed end product along wireframes, if applicable, and a mood board. 

Design Development

Once everyone is satisified, we flesh out the design, bringing it to a semi-final state that we’ll present as a detailed mock-up. 
If you’ve got feedback, we’ll figure out how to work it in a round of edits.


Destination Moon presents a working mock-up or prototype of the final product. You’ll get a copy of the mock-up and the final artwork will be released to a printer, fabricator, or other production resources. Should you need help with onsite production quality control, art direction or troubleshooting, we’ll be all over it.

Post-Project Debrief & Celebration

This is the part where everyone involved high-fives, does a small celebratory dance, and talks through how your project turned out. This is a great time to discuss what worked, what we might do differently, and brainstorm ideas for new business opportunities. We love building long-term professional relationships with all of our clients. It means more celebratory dancing!

Our Friends Like to Talk

Licha De La Pena Photo

Licha DeLaPeña
Painter,  Oktober Studio
Chicago, Illinois

I have been working with Destination Moon for over a year now and they are very professional, polite, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Jennifer and Alex are wonderful at designing my online presence exactly the way I want it. Even though we are miles apart, they possess good communication throughout the projects. I was also touched that they traveled a great distance to support me at an event; exceptional! They are extremely creative and I have been consistently impressed.

Now it looks like I can charge my customers more money!

Sandy E.
Artist, Robot in Bloom
Houston, Texas

Licha De La Pena Photo

Leland S.
Cincinnati, Ohio

It was 9:25pm on a Sunday when Destination Moon reminded me to write them a testimonial. I had no problem with this, as I know they work around the clock to please clients and meet deadlines.

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Destination Moon is Jennifer Noelle & Alexander Perham.
You can email us at DM@DestinationMoonStudio.com.
You can call us at (773) 242-9894.
Our office hours are 10am - 6pm everyday.
We are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. We don't mind if you're not. We'll help you out no matter where you're located.
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