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Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. From time to time, when I’m shopping or just out of the house, and I see some product or packaging design that I just LOVE, I take pictures!

I’m always collecting new ideas this way and going back to them when I need inspiration about how a piece should be styled. In fact, I keep a folder of them that is open for everyone to check out on Evernote! I have more to add it to it, so be sure to take a look and return often!

So, for today’s inspiration, I have Target’s new(ish) kid’s decor, Pillowfort. With a very Wes Anderson theme and their gender-neutral styles, I just love everything about these items. In fact, if they made these for adults, you better believe my room would be covered in Pillowfort! (I may or may not already own a pillow or two..)

I took these pictures a couple of months ago, but Target seems to still be carrying these items. Take a look!

If you want to see more of these creative inspirational pictures from Pillowfort, and others, don't forget to check out my notebook over on Evernote!

Any items you've found out in the wild that have inspired you? Leave me a comment and I might just share your inspiration in the future!

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October 6, 2016
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Jen is a lover of many things including the arts, nature, and animals. She likes to try her hand at many different hobbies and learning new skills. Currently, she's working on learning Japanese, piano, and painting. Jen graduated from The Art Institute of Cincinnati in 2008 with a degree in Interactive Media Design.

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