Design is SO easy!

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Design is so easy!

Take a look at this picture of the front of a Dial bottle I took in my bathroom today, for example. It looks super clean and simple. How could this of taken more than 10 minutes?


And people get paid for this?

Let’s go through it. I mean, at minimium, all they physically had to do was...

  1. Create a logo using a color, a font, and a look that represented the feel they wanted for their product.
  2. Decide on the color scheme of that specific gold, blue, and yellow out of the millions of colors available.
  3. Decide on the typefaces for the bottle that felt most in line with the brand identity, that went together with any other fonts they were using, and was easy to read.
  4. Using the copy text they were given, figure out how to best communicate the information. This included using all caps, italics, thin and bold, different colors, outlines, and various sizes. It also encompassed the placement of the text so that the most important information is read first, second most information is read next, and so on.
  5. Took special care into every individual piece’s spacing. Just enough to make it look clean, isn’t cramping up on the space of another element, and again, is easy to read, but not TOO much space. This includes even little things, like making sure the space BETWEEN the letters themselves, and the individual words looks good.
  6. Find or take a photograph that looked right for the packaging. Then, they probably Photoshopped it until it fit what the look precisely and added a burst of light behind it, all while making it look seamless and smooth.
  7. Decided on a transparent bottle so the product itself could be seen through the packaging.
  8. Create the distinctive shape of the bottle, including the blue swoop at the top, the way the bottle opens, and the curves of the sides. Considering not only what is visually appealing but what is easy for a person to hold, as well.

Sooo, all they did was slap some text and a photo on there? Wow. So simple.

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October 6, 2016
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