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There are a few reasons why you found yourself on our blog—maybe you’re a designer looking for other designers to inspire you, maybe we were somehow a part of a WebRing (remember those!) and you just happened to fall into our laps even though you were looking for Morrissey MIDIs (because why else would you be browsing a WebRing?)—but, most likely, you’re here because you need a graphic designer. You’ve determined that you need a graphic designer because that seems like the business-y thing that you’re supposed to do or because someone suggested that the website you got free from GoDaddy just didn’t make your venture look legit.  However you came to this point, you’ve probably asked yourself, “what the heck is a graphic designer anyway?"

Well, this is the best blog entry to ever answer that question(™).

When you picture a graphic designer, what do you see?

Is it this guy?

Aaron Draplin.jpg
Is he going to make you a logo or long-haul truck paper products from Oregon to Michigan?

Or do you picture this guy?

Concern Designer.jpeg
Now there’s a guy who looks like he went to art school.

The truth: the first guy is Aaron Draplin. He’s worked on branding projects for Nike, Target, and the U.S. government. This dude is a pretty big name in the world of graphic design. The other guy is just some stock photo under “graphic designer.” He may actually be a graphic designer but, ultimately, he just portraying one that fits what you’d expect a designer to be.

The point of this exercise (yes, there was a point) was to prove that what your expectations for graphic design and the reality of graphic design are two vastly different things. Graphic design is a large umbrella under which a lot of various disciplines get collected. You can be motion graphics artist, web designers, data visualization artist, branding designers, and all kinds of other cool stuff.

“Graphic design is a large umbrella under which a lot of various disciplines get collected.”

If you’re looking for a graphic designer, it’s important to find the right person for the job. Many graphic designers attempt to be your one-stop solution for all your professional needs but, unfortunately, that shouldn’t be enough for you and your project. These designers are literally equivalent to the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.” Sure, they may actually be really strong at web design or branding but, what they excel at in that field, they lack in motion graphics or packaging design. It’d be like hiring a roofer to rewire your house (it always ends in a fire).

This is why you should find people who specialize in what you need. We at Destination Moon specialize in illustration, user interactions/experiences for the web and layout art. We’ve focused on being the best at those disciplines to ensure that when you come to us for your project, we can provide an AAA Platinum Word-Class Top-Tier Service (™). Your project deserves that kind of attention and expertise and the way to get that is to find graphic designers who can do for you what they are truly passionate about.

Does this same advice apply to your field of expertise?  Let us know in the comments.

Want to know more about what Destination Moon can accomplish for your project? Check out our services and drop us a line.

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October 6, 2016
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Alex is 30-years-old. Alex has been working on graphic design since he was 15. 30-15 = 15. 15! 15 years of graphic design experiences. When Alex is not working on graphic design, he likes to write stories and play vidya games.

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