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Do you like music? I’m sure you do. Who doesn’t like music (except maybe my father)? We at Destination Moon feels like there’s an eternal bond between music and design. Some of our favorite pieces of graphic design come from album artwork or band logos. The marriage between graphic design and music has been a strong, successful one.

Limp Bizkit seeks to destroy that marriage.

Released today, Limp Bizkit debuted a new logo that almost seems like a parody of the stereotypical Black Metal band logo that your disgruntled nephew likes to scratch into the front of his math folder.

Thorns Or What.jpeg
‍One’s a Limp Bizkit logo and one’s an inverted photo of some thorns but which is which?

Listen, we understand that maybe (and we stress maybe) there’s a place for black-metal style logos but, a band like Limp Bizkit (whose claim to fame is telling you how you can obtain a cookie and then what you can do with a cookie) has no business with whatever they think they’re doing here. This is why it’s important to be authentic to whatever your brand is. We don’t think that anybody is going to see this new black-metal logo and be convinced to give Limp Bizkit another shot so, what was the point of this? Given Limp Bizkit’s stature in the record industry (they were dumped by their major label 2011), you’d expect some real money and effort went into this rebranding which is what makes this sadder.

If you want to clear your palate, here is a list of Paste Magazine’s 50 favorite band logos. They have some of our favorite iconic logos (who doesn’t love the flying W from Weezer?) but it’s missing a personal favorite: They Might Be Giants.

‍Consummate swirls

There’s a lot that can be said about the awareness of branding when it comes to who They Might Be Giants are (which may because band guitarist, taskmaster and other John, John Flansburgh was a professional graphic designer in his early years). They always set out to reinvent their visual identity with each album release. Important to this discussion, the contrast between TMBG and Limp Bizkit doesn’t just stop at their musical stylings. From album jackets to weird side-projects, every project that Johns Flansburgh and Linnell have released are accompanied by its own unique feel.

Of course, They Might Be Giants aren’t the only musical acts to do this, many artists take every part of their project to heart down to the graphic design. Limp Bizkit, on the other hand, not so much.

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October 6, 2016
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