Why it's a Bad Idea to Rush Design

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Have you ever chat with a creative professional and wonder WHY IN THE WORLD the concept you came up with will take so long?

Well, I can’t speak for all creatives, but I can give you a little insight into al the work that goes into Graphic Design.

Graphic design, like many other professions, is a solution to a problem. But, unlike many other professions, there isn’t just one solution to said problem. If your house has a leak in the roof, a roofer comes and patches it up. If your business needs more customers to keep the doors open and your corporate identity is abysmally lacking, a designer might create a new logo, a new website, a new sign, or more. So many options for one main goal: to gain you some newfound attention! And within that, there're even more possibilities! Let’s pretend you want a new sign for your shop. Your shop might be selling high-end antiques with a classic feel. The target audience is people who like high-end antiques, perhaps an older generation, and have the extra income to afford them. In order to convey all of this, the sign needs to reflect that feel, to give people an idea of what your shop represents. You wouldn’t expect the sign to look like a modern day toy store’s sign, which would most likely want to express a fun and casual mood that appeals to children and others of a different target audience. The power of design is real and has unlimited possibilities.

An antique store sign I found with a simple Google search
And, K.B. toys' store sign. R.I.P.

These two signs have much different feels to them, don't they? And yet, some people want their designs to be done, well, yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong. Rush jobs happen and are a necessary evil.

But, sometimes, when looking for quality, having patience is absolutely worth it.

Take a look at this video. It’s about the creation of the Rio 2016 Olympics Logo. I’ll be here when you get back.


Man! Did you see how much energy and thought they put into that simple looking logo? They put together mood boards, worked with different color combinations, and searched through typefaces (before deciding to create a brand new font, with the assistance of a SECOND graphic design agency). They incorporated emotion, expression, action, and topography (how the lands around Rio looked). It took these large design agencies over two months to make this logo, despite how straightforward and clean it might seem.

I wish I could credit who made this oldie-(as far as the internet goes)-but-goodie.

With so many choices, graphic designers have to go through many steps, sometimes multiple times, before they can figure out the best way to solve your particular problem. This is why designers who are passionate about their work take the time to make sure every detail is important. When your project is important to you, you better to believe that it's important to the designer.

Taking time and putting in the effort, isn't about running down the clock (design work isn't paid for by the hour), it's about performing magic. Making a concept a reality and making that reality something truly special for you.

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October 6, 2016
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