Frequently Asked Q’s

Q.) What are your prices?

A.) You may have noticed that we don’t have our prices listed on our website and that may seem like we’re trying to hide the cost from you. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Because every project is different and special, it takes a real evaluation in order to know what the overall cost would be. Any design agency that treats their work like a trip to Subway isn’t doing your brand any favors. They may have a choice of five different breads, six different luncheon meats, and a handful of veggies, but you’re still limited to so many combinations. We build and design everything uniquely and that includes our pricing. We look at your brand, your project and decide what it needs and what it takes to accomplish that in a way that makes everyone high-five in the end.

With that said, if you’re looking to get bargain basement prices for an identity or a website, we’re not right for each other.

Q.) Do you do spec work?

A.) Absolutely not. This is not a negotiation point and we will not treat it as such. For those who may not know, spec work entails us making you a mock-up and you deciding whether or not you want to work with us based on our idea. That’s completely unfair to any skilled labor. For more information on spec work and why we're against it, check out

Q.) What if I don’t like the work done?

A.) We hope that you’ll tell us early on! Our process is completely collaborative with revisions built into the time that we allot for each project. There’s plenty of time to tell us what you think and what we could be doing differently.

Q.) Do you work remotely?

A.) Absolutely! Our planetary location may currently be in Chicago, Illinois but, the MoonBase™ is capable and willing to work on projects from all over the country and from around the globe. We mean, after all, the Moon does circle the globe.
Q.) Do you guys take payments?

A.) Depending on the size of the project, we can set up a payment arrangement over the span of the project to alleviate some of the burdens of the cost. We do, however, require your account to be paid in full by the delivery of the final work.

Q.) If you make our website, will you perform the upkeep?

A.) We do offer Website Maintenance plans where, for a monthly fee, we'll add photos, posts, news, etc. to your website. We'll also teach you all about your new site, so if you're interested in running it yourself, it'll be super easy!

Q.) So you do WordPress?

A.) Totally. If you want a WordPress-based website that customized to your needs, that’s what we’re here for and we’ll even make you a little video teaching you how to use it. We’re cool like that.

Q.) Do you service a specific industry?

A.) No, we don't. We work for all kinds of businesses and industries. We love working on projects for authors and publishing houses, conventions, comic books, gaming, music, and all kinds of things that excite us. Check out our portfolio to see the kinds of people we’ve worked with.

Q.) Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?

A.) We sure do! We even have a form for you to fill out specifically for non-profit and not-for-profit businesses. You can fill that out here.

Q.) How can I contact you?

A.) I'm glad you asked! We have several ways, for your convince. You can fill out this simple form to give us some idea about what you have in mind. Or, you can e-mail us directly at Or, finally, if you prefer phones over e-mail, we can be reached at (773) 242-9894.