Destination Moon's Services,

You've done the work. You know what you're doing and need a look that conveys that you mean business! The following is an detailed list of many of the services Destination Moon offers. All of our services are created with your business in mind and therefore, they're unique. We believe in creating nothing but stunning design with consistency, style, and professionalism that infuses your individual vision and message of the company. We never compromise those values and here's why:

Our professional design services will help you stand out from the crowd, communicate your message clearer, and simply look more professional.
This leads to a greater chance of your ideal customer finding and being interested in you, understanding what you're offering, and gaining their trust and respect.
With trust increased, customers are more likely to give you their time and business. This means more growth for your company.
Without professional design, you run the risk of looking unorganized, sloppy, or at the very least, nobody will see you at all.
On the flipside, if your look is inconsistent or bland, people will assume your business is too.
A customer's time and money is precious and has to be earned. Nobody is going to give either of these to a company that they feel can't be trusted.
Here at Destination Moon, we're ultimately invested in you reaching your goals! When you succeed, we succeed! Let us make your business look awesome! 

And, if you don't see the service you're looking for, be sure to ask! E-mail us here.


Have you ever picked up a magazine and saw a really stunning ad for pair of shoes? A graphic designer did that. Have you ever been on a website and saw that ad for “one weird tip that will blast your belly fat”?  Unfortunately, a graphic designer made that too (but maybe not a professional one). Or maybe there’s that one billboard you see on the way to work that makes you want to quit your jobs, follow your dreams, and pursue a life in puppeteering (thanks Kermit)? Yep, that was designed by someone too. Advertising is still the number one way to spread brand awareness and as technology evolves, so do the ways to advertise to your customers. Because of this, we aim to create stunning and effective advertisements for both print and digital media that make your business or product look like a million bucks.

App Design

A unique and useful app for smart-devices can end up being a great asset to help promote your business and allow customers to interact with you. By creating a branded app that helps others with something they're experiencing and that correlates to your field of expertise, you are establishing your business as a necessity. A client is more likely to see you as an expert in your given field and put their trust in your company. 

Brand Consulting

Discovering and defining your brand is the first step for any business to be it's best. With our brand consulting, Destination Moon sits down and takes the time to help you, and us, fully understand your business' one-of-a-kind vision, message, feeling, and style. This way, everything we create going forward is clear and maintains a consistent message to your clients and customers. If your vision is muddy, your message will be too. This can create confusion and feelings of untrustworthiness. Being consistent earns your business trust, which in turn, results in more revenue for you.

Do you need a website or just a business card? Maybe you just want a blog but are considering brochures as well? If you're not sure what sort of design project would be best for your business right now, good news! We're here to help you with that too. After the consulting, we not only share our professional opinions on what you need, we'll tell you what we feel you don't need because we're not salesmen; we're allies. You always make the final call and are never pressured into something, so that you feel comfortable from the beginning to the end of the process.

Corporate/Brand Identity

A strong brand identity can invoke powerful emotions which can be used to make your company stand out and reach a wider audience. We don't create cheap-o logos that might look okay but don't communicate the vision of your business and therefore, don't create any traction for your business. With our knowledge of the psychology behind colors, visuals, typefaces and fonts, Destination Moon will create an identity for you that represents the feelings you want your business to convey. Our identity package includes company colors, a logo, letterhead, and business cards all made to look professional and consistent with one another.

Environmenal Design

Imagine this, it’s the holiday season and you’ve popped into a Starbucks because you want to be carrying a red cup around while you Christmas shop like all the cool kids. When you come in the store, you notice a holiday themed decal on the window. Then, you see that the signage and menu behind the counter carry the same style and feel. That’s environmental design. It’s the signs in your store, the logo printed on the wallpaper, and even down to the layout of the products. It doesn’t stop with retail. Environmental design can be used for your gala or your auction or even your wedding. Pretty much anywhere that we’re applying a cohesive design strategy to a physical space.

Graphic Design

The term "graphic design" overlaps many of our services listed that we offer, but can be a sort of catch-all and can cover many other things both in print and digitally. These services include but are not limited to: brochure design, e-mail newsletters, infographics, annual reports, posters/signs, mailers, and menus.


Beautiful, eye-popping illustration can be used in many different places to invoke strong and even sentimental feelings regarding your business. Illustration can be used subtley, from small ornate details used to accentuate the main focus of the project or used on it's own as a full-blown piece of advertising.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, like those in commercials that you're forced to watch on youtube, are part of the ever evolving application of design to media. Motion is a great way to catch the eye of a potential customer or client. Be it in it's own video or included on a website, well-crafted motion graphics can add a layer of slickness and professionalism to any project.


Packaging has a unique job of not only containing what the item is that is being sold, but, if it's doing it's job correctly, to work as it's own advertisement. Besides just explaining what the item is, clean and easy-to-understand packaging is crucial in order to make clear that your product is different, valuable, and enriches a customer's life for the better. Packaging works to make an impression within mere seconds which is why well crafted package design can make a difference.


Good photography can capture the imagination, convey powerful feelings (from adventure and excitement to familiarity and comfort), and grab a viewers attention in less than a second. Consider professional photography for your product or service to show your customer's what you're selling, how it works, and how good it looks. Many people are visual and being able to see your product, not just read or hear about it, is valuable and incredibly beneficial for those individuals that you want to sell to.

Print Design

They've been saying print is dead but as long as we don't live in a virtual reality, there will always be a need for well-crafted print design. Print design is a specific type of graphic design, but still covers a variety of services. Print design can be a poster, customized invitations, billboards, signs, and more. 

UI/UX Design

While people rarely agree about the differences between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design, everyone can agree they go hand-in-hand for any interactive media. In fact, there are many things you use everyday that you may not think about being the user experience being planned for. This include those weird Proactive kiosks, ATMs, video games, computer and phone apps, and of course, websites. Planning (which is already an important step before designing anything) is crucial to the UI/UX process so that it's ready for any eventuality. A well-planned interactive project will make it so the UI is to easy to use, even for the most novice of users, in both design and experience. The end goal is for customers to accomplish what they set out to do, have a pleasant experience doing it, and want to come back to you.

Website Design

Websites are arguably the most important and central way people find information about your business. A strong website can teach, intrigue, and convince individuals that what you're selling is what's right for them. Not only does a website have to be beautiful in order to leave a lasting impression but it also has to be carefully laid out so that it's simple to use for anyone and discover.